“Life is luscious when you choose to laugh and learn versus lament.”

Luscious Living Lady Lois

Hi, I’m Lois Barth, and I am a Trans-Fun-Mational Coach. Speaker. Trainer. Writer and I use the study of humor, energy and science to support groups and individuals in creating scintillating lives, both personally and professionally. Trans-fun-mation is about transforming your life from a place of passion, playfulness and power. In this blog, I will be sharing solutions and strategies along with personal “luscious life lessons,” that I’ve experienced in my own life and witnessed in the lives of clients, colleagues and friends.

I’ll also be sharing new ideas and information that I’ve learned and work with, to empower you to trans-fun your life. My first project for the new year and decade is the “Completion Initiative,” that is a cyberspace community event where you’ll get support to complete that goal, task and/or dream that has remained back burnered in the recesses of your grey matter for too long. Please join me and feel free to forward this blog to others.

My work is a culmination of the combined twenty plus years experience as a coach, storyteller and holistic care. In addition to my private practice in life coaching, and speaking and training work, I was the life coach for two of the most prestigious makeover campaigns in women’s magazines (SELF and FITNESS).

My clients include: U.S. Navy, Girl Scouts, AWNY (Advertising Women of NY), Society of Women Engineers, to name a few. I’ve been a source expert for Weight Watchers, Womansday.com, MSNBC.com, All You Magazine, and featured on the morning magazine program “Good Day New York,” and have been a relationship expert for many on-line communities.

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