Have the difficult conversation NOW

Peggy Klaus ​is right on how important it is to really communicate even when you’re on fumes, or especially when you’re on fumes: http://bit.ly/1Q33pEV She’s the consummate master of communication.

My Lois-ism for this is: Having the difficult conversation NOW will allow your life to feel easier in the FUTURE.


Blame and Responsibility are a lot like Bread and Butter

I love this post by Seth Godinhttp://bit.ly/1nXtUFM

To me, it’s all about taking responsibility and the power of doing so.We live in a culture that conflates blame with responsibility and therefore we resist taking responsibility because we haven’t distinguished the difference.

My Lois-ism for that is: Blame and Responsibility are a lot like Bread and Butter, they’re sandwiched together, but they’re two totally different things.You may need to read it a few times before it STICKS. (Pun intended)

More about that in my upcoming book, The Courage to SPARKLE; The Audacious Girls’ Guide to Creating a Life that Lights You Up (September 2016)

Lessons from my Animal Mentor, Mr. Klybie

I’m at my friend Vicky’s home and Klybie, her Wonder Dog, has ants in his pants, he whimpers, barks and runs around a bit.
She smiles knowing exactly what he needs, and says to him, “Sing Klybie Sing,” and he literally sings out: http://on.fb.me/1UVZuOj When he’s done, he sits quietly and restfully back down in his doggie bed. She goes on to tell me that every night at roughly the same time, he has to howl/sing or else he gets “backed up” and starts getting restless.
He’s a Chihuahua and he’s in the wolf family, so it’s part of his DNA to howl.
“Singing/Howling” makes him SPARKLE, and not doing it, puts him on DIMMERS.
I’m fascinated by that because I can totally relate.
For me to SPARKLE, I must engage in a thought-provoking conversation with either a friend or an absolute stranger (one of my favorite hobbies), move, read, learn something, write, think creatively, express gratitude, distinguish a luscious life lesson, get enough sleep or engage in one of my MANY spiritual practices. I don’t do all of those every day, but I must do at least a few to feel connected with my SPARKLE.
That day Klybie was my Animal Mentor, teaching me that I must express myself in some form or another and when I don’t, I am on DIMMERS but when I do, I SPARKLE!
I’d love it if you watch my “Animal Mentor/Doggie interview” with Klybie: http://on.fb.me/1UVZuOj and tell me what makes you SPARKLE?
How will you connect with your Courage to SPARKLE in the week ahead?
How will you incorporate into in your week ahead?
I’d love to hear your comments below.
#SingOutSunday #CourageToSparkle


Love the pure passion Gretchen has for reading: http://bit.ly/20AOpsW I have En-Spiration, for how much she reads. En-spiration is a Lois-isms,  En-Spiration: using Envy as a road map to Create a Life that Inspires You.  As far as my reading I love to read on the elliptical bike or any exercise equipment it helps me exercise my brain and body at the same time. Also when I hit my 10 page a day goal it may not sound like ALOT but it adds up to 12-18 books a year. Big change happens from taking small actions that are consistent with your goals. Another Lois-ism. More about both those of those Lois-isms in my upcoming book, Courage to Sparkle.

#CourageToSparkle #En-spiration


“Don’t Stay out in the Cold,” learn h

“Don’t Stay out in the Cold,” learn how to make your February Fabulous with these great products from the Astro Twins: http://astrostyle.com/?mc_cid=22dd1a49f5&mc_eid=54d787ab1d What I LOVE about them, feisty, fun and seriously spot on with their astrology and lifestyle advice!


Common Sense…Uncommonly Practiced

They say social graces are having a comeback. I say they never left but have been dormant in their use.
This is part of a series I call: Common Sense…Uncommonly Practiced.
I find when I do them, I not only stand out, but feel more connected to my community around me and as a result, SPARKLE.

1) Say please when asking for something, it only takes one word, yet means a world of difference to someone else.
2) If you’re opening a door for someone and there’s a few other people behind them, keep it open, whether it’s a man or a woman. They really appreciate it.
3) Say hello in an elevator. No big conversation, it’s about recognizing the human being next do you. Makes you feel more connected in the world.
4) When you network, find something GENUINE to compliment the person on. It could be a tie, a dress, a piece of jewelry or if someone uses a great word
or has a terrific voice. People will appreciate it, and it offsets any nervousness on your part.
5) If somebody does something nice, write them a HANDWRITTEN card. Nobody gets any mail anymore and a personal note of thanks takes much more thought than an email.

The Courage to SPARKLE is about standing out, reflecting the light of who you are, and celebrating your multi-faceted self. It’s the little things in life, that make the biggest difference. I find that when I’m having a tough day, I just do a few “little” things and I go from Dimmers to Shimmers.

What are some of the Common Sense…Uncommonly Practiced things you do to reconnect you with your SPARKLE?
I’d love to hear them.

‪#‎CommonSenseUncommonlyPracticed‬ ‪#‎CourageToSparkle‬


Let Go and Stay Aware of the Miracles that Show Up

Yesterday I had the privilege of having lunch with a coaching client I had worked 
with earlier this year, for about six months.She's always been a beautiful woman; 
radiant and fiercely committed to growing, a voracious reader and perpetual student
of life.

Something was different this time, not only had so many of her goals manifested, and in many ways her life had transformed, but the biggest
shift was in her overall countenance. Her ferocity that was fueled previously by 
"Gotta do it yesterday, got to make it happen," was replaced by this quiet yet 
equally fierce equanimity. She shared about how pushing too hard no longer works 
for her, that she works at slowing down being open to guidance and then acting on 
that guidance and "somehow things seems to come into her life." Still an equally 
proactive person, but now the engine which fuels her is built from profoundly 
different components; grace and trust, as opposed to will and muscle.

Having had my own challenges as of late with "making things happen" and feeling disgruntled and uninspired, I knew there was no "coincidence" in the timing
of our meeting. We caught up and just had some fun girl talk and I hugged her 
goodbye, so grateful to work with her and for the opportunity to stay in each 
others lives. 

I darted off doing a few time sensitive errands and decided that I'd soften my 
stance a bit, and take on the  "stay open, listen and take action" message that I gleaned from my client's journey. The rest of the day were a series of what I call the "luscious life lessons." I went to the bank and the attendant asked about my pink velvet hat with the giant flower on it, and where I got it. I shared the story of synergy around the hat (another post) and she lit up, stood up from her seat, shook my hand and looked me straight in the eye and said "Wow, it was truly a pleasure meeting you. I needed to hear that story, thanks." I came away revitalized by our connection, delighted that I helped another person, and then realized that story about letting go and trusting, would be a perfect little jewel for my presentation next week on dealing with change and disappointment that I'd been procrastinating working on.

Next I went to my health food store and a lovely woman handed the cashier her Avon 
catalogue. I stopped her and asked her about her Avon business, Avon being one of 
my wish list for speaking because Women and Empowerment is my sweet spot, and 
direct sales is a space where women, can create economic empowerment for themselves.

She shared about how it really helped her pursue her acting, and plus her skin was 
incredible. She volunteered to find out who the decision maker would be and then 
get back to me later in the week. I laughed since I'd tried forever to figure out 
that information and I had just given up. I thanked her very much and traipsed on 

I then entered my lobby and saw what I call the Trash/Treasure pile by the 
elevator, where fellow tenants offer up things they no longer need and others may 
want to repurpose. There it was a spanking new shredder, one of my top items on 
my Gotta Buy in 2016 list since mine had been broken for awhile. I hauled it up 
and lo and behold it worked beautifully. The timing couldn't be better since 
I'm getting a head start for Spring Cleaning of my office.

When I looked back at my day I smiled. It wasn't until I had that shift in my 
thinking and energy that all those things "just seem to come into my life," 
and then I realized yet again that I teach what I need to learn; and today's 
luscious life lesson was about the power of letting go yet staying aware to 
the miracles we receive.

What does letting go and staying aware to the miracles in your life look like today?